Our activities

Currently, MG DIFFUSION INTERNATIONAL is divided into two distinct branches:

  • The first, dedicated to the manufacture of mid- and high-end women’s footwear, involving collaboration with several international suppliers.
  • The second, for its part, specializing in leather goods, relies on a Brazilian tannery located in the south of the country, more precisely in Novo Hamburgo, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

MG Diffusion acts as a commercial agent, acting as a representative for manufacturers located in Europe, India and Brazil.

    • Among these partners, mention should be made of Loint’s Of Holland, a Dutch manufacturer, producing its own brand of shoes, distributed in some fifteen European countries, but also in North and South America, Japan and Australia.
    • Similarly, MG Diffusion collaborates with Indian factories specialized in Private Label production.
    • Finally, MG Diffusion acts as a sub-agent on behalf of ADG Export in Brazil, the latter being dedicated to the direct import of shoes and bags on behalf of chain stores and branches.

On behalf of its partners, MG DIFFUSION INTERNATIONAL is responsible for the administrative management of sales, including in particular the following activities:

    • Participation in fairs to present the new collection
    • Receipt of sample orders for the new collection from customers, and transmission to the relevant factory
    • Follow-up of the delivery of samples to customers
    • Receipt of production orders for the season, from customers, and transmission to the factory concerned
    • Follow-up of orders from the production phase to delivery to customers
    • Monitoring of regulations.