Loint’s of Holland

Loint’s of Holland is a Dutch company specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality footwear for over 100 years.

From a “less is more” perspective, the company produces shoes that are beautiful in their simplicity. Most models have no lining, which saves leather, glue and labor.

Consumers, in addition to buying beautiful, comfortable shoes, also buy a product that is ecological and sustainable, respectful of nature.

The Loint’s of Holland adventure began in 1918 with the independent shoemaker Cornelius Klijsen in his workshop in Kaatsheuvel, a region in southern Holland known for its tanneries and shoe factories. His son created the first collection, the third generation in the early 1970s brought the brand its refined style, and it was with the fourth generation that the export of the brand began.

Concerned about the environment, Loint’s of Holland works with responsible tanneries working themselves under the name “TERRACARE”. The brand tries to obtain with its suppliers a responsible product as much as possible. The origin of the raw material is always very important.

The shoes are produced in their own factory in Hungary. The head office is located in Sprang-Capelle, the Netherlands. Loints of Holland manages all the stages of the production process itself, from the purchase of leather to the design of the models. In this way, the brand can monitor and control all the steps.

The important thing is to stick to the principle of simplicity, while combining design and a good fit. This is the core business of Loint’s of Holland!